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Reviving Your Makeup Routine: Elise Brill's Insights on WGN Midday News

On May 9, 2023, Elise Brill of Leesi B. Cosmetics shared essential beauty tips on WGN Midday News. Her wisdom was focused on maintaining a clean and effective makeup routine. Key points discussed include:

Makeup & Mascara Care

To revive older makeup products like palettes, gently scrape off the top layer and spritz it with alcohol from a distance (watch the video for a demo). Regardless of the price range, mascara should ideally be used within three (3) months of opening. If it starts to smell odd or develops a waxy buildup, it's time to throw it away. If that time has arrived, check out our Nouba Volumaxi Mascara.

Brush Cleaning

Save time and clean your brushes with a product-specific brush cleaner (try In An Instant Brush Cleaner) to clean, disinfect, and protect them. Avoid wetting the handle to prevent damage. Looking for a DIY solution? Elise suggests using a mix of 70% rubbing alcohol and water, or dishwashing liquid and water, to clean makeup containers and products.

Brush Replacement

Have you already cleaned your makeup brushes and still notice shedding or frayed bristles, stiffness/scratchiness, discoloration/staining, breakouts/irritation? Well, then it's definitely time for replacement. Try our new OMNIA 9-Piece Brush Set. Makes a great gift and it's perfect for travel!

Sponge Tips

Avoid latex sponges due to common allergies. Instead, use non-latex sponges (such as our Puff Me Makeup Blender) that can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid and water. With regular cleaning, they can last about three months.

Makeup Bag Advice

Choose a makeup bag that fully opens for easy access, cleaning, and travel. Avoid ones with excessive compartments that can become dirty and difficult to manage. Check out Elise's recommendation: The Beauty Bag.

Elise's segment was filled with valuable tips and guidelines to keep your makeup routine clean, efficient, and effective.

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