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Wedding Makeup

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What can I bring to my trial?

Feel free to bring any pictures of your dress, hair accessories & pictures of “looks” you are interested in. Many Brides find it helpful to look through magazines to get makeup ideas. This is not necessary, but always feel free to bring any photos/clippings with. Also feel free to bring your makeup bag or favorite lip color. This will give me insight into your makeup world.

Should I come to the consultation with or without makeup?

Some brides find it helpful to come with their everyday makeup on. This is wonderful because it will give me a clear idea of your makeup style. Or come without any makeup..whatever your comfort level is!

What is the key to great wedding makeup?

My goal is for you to look like yourself just more finished and more defined. For many of you this will translate as looking like yourself with an extra pop. For others it will translate into a more dramatic look. Whatever your goal, I will work with you to make sure when you look in the mirror you feel GORGEOUS!

What can I expect?

You'll get a one-hour individualized makeup consultation/trial with me! When we're finished I'll jot down all the colors that were used and make detailed notes. I'll also take a few pictures of your personalized look and send them your way for your review. From there, we can make any adjustments as needed.


& Tips


Before the big day, take it easy with the tanning! This would be my #1 tip. I love a great spray tan, it will give your skin a beautiful glow. Just be careful not to get too tan, which in pictures more often than not can translate to ORANGE. Just remember if you look like you were just in the Bahamas and your groom looks like he's been nowhere will look odd in pictures.

Water & Rest

Try your best to hydrate and sleep as much as possible before your wedding. This is KEY!

Facials & Treatments

Facials, waxing, threading and prep treatments BEFORE the wedding? I love facials and treatments. My only recommendation is to be careful with trying anything NEW before your wedding. Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and sometimes it can effect even a simple facial. If you've never had waxing, threading or a facial and want to try it before your wedding I recommend trying any or all at least one month before your wedding. This is to ensure you have no reactions and then you can plan to have a treatment the week of your wedding.

On The Day Of Your Wedding

On the day of your wedding, my goal is for you to be PERFECT all night! When I finish your makeup application I'll provide you with complimentary lip liner, lipstick & gloss (if needed), and my amazing Invisible Blotting Powder for touch ups.

Should I have my bridesmaids get their makeup professionally applied?

YES! Who doesn't want to feel beautiful on the day of a wedding? Especially a bridesmaid. You friends will so appreciate having their makeup done! We have the most incredible Photographers in Chicago. If you're investing in their talents for your wedding day, then you should also invest in your bridesmaids' makeup!