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Help! Why Is My Skin So Dry?

Help! Why Is My Skin So Dry & What Can I Do About It?

I get asked this all the time - and, having experienced dry skin myself, I wanted to share with you all my personal routine for combating dry skin.

What causes dry skin?

  • Frequent showers + hot showers
  • Harsh soaps, shampoos, and products
  • Dehydration
  • Frequent sun exposure
  • Some medical conditions + medications
  • Too much caffeine
  • Not properly moisturizing your skin

How can I start improving my skin today?

Start Small

To get started, begin by choosing 1-2 suggestions below for a lasting improvement.

Dial It Down

Next time you get in the shower, try turning the knob to a slightly cooler temperature than you normally do. Aim to maintain the same cooler temperature for a week. Each week, continue to lower the temperature as much as you can.

Keep It Simple

Cleanse. Wash your face every morning and evening. It’s important that you are not trying to strip your skin, just wash it to remove any makeup or bacteria on the skin itself. When you wash your face your skin should feel clean and refreshed, never tight and uncomfortable.


Papaya Enzyme Cleanser - our most loved foaming face wash

Gentle foaming cleanser with papaya extract. Lifts away makeup and impurities, helps remove dull surface cells and create a brighter, smoother complexion.



Choose a moisturizer with SPF for daily use and one without SPF for evening use (see next tip for another good one).

If you are not sure which moisturizer is right for you, I always recommend to choose a lightweight moisturizer first such as Brightening Day Protection SPF 50 - you can always go heavier with Peptide Cream if you need more!

Your Nightstand is Your Friend(ly Reminder)

If there's only one thing that I would no doubt do first it's this - leave your night time moisturizer next to your bedside!

Your skin actually regenerates at night and by you applying a thin layer of moisturizer you are protecting and benefiting your skin at the same time. Easy peasy.

Don't have one? Try this one, it's life-changing, I promise!


Hydrating Night Cream

Made with Arctic Birch Bark Extract, Maple & Rosewood Extracts which are rich in antioxidants and work to protect your skin from the harmful damage caused by free radicals.

Also contains Chamomile Extract which helps calm and comfort delicate eye area of your skin. Shea Butter helps to improve your skin moisture level.

pply nightly to cleansed face and neck, massaging gently using upward strokes.

Pay Attention To Sensitive Areas

Areas with gentler skin such as under your eye can sometimes be the most susceptible to forming wrinkles the quickest.

To help keep your under eye area smooth, softened and looking its best, try a small (pea-size) amount of Peptide Eye Cream under your eyes.

A little goes a long way and it feels amazing! 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

To motivate yourself to drink more water, try using a water bottle, setting a reminder on your phone, or using a straw.

Here's another great one I do: squeeze some lemon juice in! Great way to feel refreshed and your skin will thank you, too.


It's All About The Tone

Applying a hydrating toner like this one below, it will help regulate ph levels, and replenish lost moisture:

Toner with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Stimulating and exfoliating! Contains cucumber, geranium, sage & witch hazel extracts that work to tone your skin and stimulate circulation. Green tea extract and vitamins A & E help to provide antioxidant protection.


Don't Underestimate Serums

Serums are lifesaving! A serum that contains peptides like this one will rapidly diminish the look of lines and wrinkles. It will also brighten and drastically improve the texture of your skin.

If you've either never used serum before or want to start with something lightweight, Vitamin C Serum is another great option!


Exfoliate Weekly

Once a week, treat your skin to something special.


Thanks for reading!

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