Noubaglow Skin Lightening Highlighter

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A must have in your makeup routine. Use on your cheekbones, above your lip (a dot) above bow of your lips. You can use it lightly for a daytime glow or apply heavier in the eve and layer with illumnating powder, for full out glow!

From Italy, this innovative all over stick created to obtain a lightweight dewy finish. Its special jelly-like formula, rich in micronized iridescent pigments, gently glide on face guaranteeing an extraordinary radiant look. Noubaglow can be used alone or over make up for an outstanding radiant finish on face, eyes or lips.
What's Inside
How To Use
Perfect glide and pure color release. Micro-reflecting particles give the face an evanescent brightness. Special siliconic filming polymers give the perfect adherence to the skin. Natural gels give the texture an extraordinary creaminess sensation. Film-like resins guarantee perfect sealing throughout the day. Emolient oils giving the skin softness and hydrating sensation. Without parabens, talc, parfum and D5.

No Parabens | Talc-Free |

All over maxi stick especially conceived to release an instantly dewy glow on skin. Gel-like texture. Sheer coverage. Long lasting.

Use Noubaglow alone or over make up to create an incredible light play on the skin, eyes or lips.