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Nouba Staminal Foundation | $60

Nouba 101
All day long, lightweight, fluid foundation able to create a smooth, dewy and uniform finish. The texture blends perfectly giving a desirable coverage to emphasizes the natural complexion. Silk and soft special formula for a hydrating, energizing and comfortable sensation.
What's Inside
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Antioxidant-Rich Vitamins
Antioxidant-Rich Vitamins

Vitamins A, C & E are powerful antioxidants that work together in harmony to help protect cells while combating free radical damage. Time to get Nerdy: Free Radicals are molecules that tend to attack collagen and can cause premature age to the skin.

This formula is enriched with micronized pigments for a modular coverage, without heavy feel. Creates a thin, airy and uniform film. It contains apple stem cells extract known for its regenerating action. A mixture of vitamins and hyaluronic acid act as moisturizing and energy booster. It contains natural gums for an immediate tensor effect. Slightly scented. Dermatologically tested.

Foundation with matt and luminous finish. Smoothens the skin. Modular coverage. Dewy and uniform film. Long lasting. Airy texture.

Apply with the tip of the fingers, special sponge or face brush, blending the product evenly.